Áine of the Wisps and Gerald the Earl

Midsummer is a very important day for a Deity who lives very close to my heart.  As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the most important Deities in my life is my family’s patroness, the Gaelic tutelary Goddess Áine (pronounced “ahn-yuh”).  Sometimes called Áine ń Chlíar or Áine Mór, She is one of Munster’s two ancient Land Goddesses, the Divine beings that tribal kings would ritually marry upon ascending to kingship.  In ancient context, She would have been the embodiment of the land itself, responsible for good harvest and healthy cattle.  Importantly, She was also the Goddess that the tribal king would be ritually sacrificed to should […]

A Healthy Form of Tribalism

Author’s Note: Due to a technical glitch (that has since been resolved by the amazing Jamie Morgan) and a packed schedule, I have been unable to complete the article that had been slated for May 2017.  As I get ready for the Morrigan’s Call Retreat 2017 in just over a week, I thought it would be appropriate to reissue this article that originally ran on Nature’s Path in July, 2016. In this article, I discuss what the concept of “tribe” means to me, and identify what I see as the traits of a healthy Pagan tribe.  I also talk considerable about the […]

The Trials and Tribulations of Turning the Page

A world and a day ago, I wrote about change. After a year of more-or-less monthly contributions to Nature’s Path on the Patheos Pagan Channel, I made the decision to eschew the platform graciously provided to me by CUUPS Continental and strike out on my own with a brand-new blog on a brand-new Pagan blogging platform.  In doing so, I knew that I would be giving up the huge potential visibility that Patheos Pagan provides my writing.  But I also knew that I would be doing it for the right reasons: to stand in solidarity with my friends and colleagues leaving Patheos in […]