Casting Circles of Resistance: Air

By the Air that is their Breath
Artist of the cyclone, the tornado, the rush of the storm,

I have been battered by your winds.
The gust of insight, of knowledge,

I dare not to look away as you bat your wings like a great hawk.


Messenger on the wind!

You whistle the great answers through the trees

if only we took the time to listen.

You who are the truth in each breath that we steal from wise voices

That we would prefer not to hear. Choked on our ignorance.

Post-truth silence brings no air to the liar

Death rattles stir in the bottom of their throats.

A final forlorn breath. The last cry of the complacent.


Air, singer of the funeral dirge
You are also the breath of first life.

You are also the warms winds of spring time,

The lovers ballad, the joyous songs.
You are the artist, the truth bringer, the mystery holder

Your resistance is the beautiful act of creation.


Great whistling prophet.

Breathe into us music, as we chant the words of our liberation
Breathe into us truth, as our poetry of rebellion
Breathe into us wisdom, as we paint a new world

About the Author

Pigeon serves as the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Coordinator for First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, Vice Chair of Carnegie Mellon University's CoRA, and has been a practicing Pagan for the past eight years. They are also on the leadership team of Spiritways CUUPS, a Unitarian Universalist Pagan Community, and are part of the University of Pittsburgh College Chaplains. Pigeon began formally studying religion at Mercyhurst University and is planning on continuing their education in religion on a professional, political, and personal level. They have been a reclaiming witch for two years and have been focusing their craft on ritual creation and social justice. Pigeon is passionate about collective magic making and bringing people from all skill levels together in the creation of ritual experience. It is their firm belief that everyone is capable of resistance through magic and action.

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