Casting Circles of Resistance: Earth

By the Earth that is her Body…

Like a Mighty earthquake you have shaken me, great mother.

I have bared witness to the siege, momma,

Of how we have pierced you and stolen your oils and gasses

And we have called it progress…


We unleashed your poisons.

Poisons kept far away for a reason,

and we stole the key to your safe.

We have uncovered your treasures of gold, silver, and stones,

And we have fought over them like children.

What patience you have had for our insolence.



Still you embrace us, mother..

You hold our sacred bodies as they are lowered into the ground.

Your loving arms hold them far before their time.

Marred by violence and injustice and chaos.


Momma Earth, you who are the sturdy foundations of this church.

The sacred reminder of our roots, 

Hold us down as we grow strong like the oak and and wise like the willow.

Keep us grounded in our convictions and unafraid.



Yes, unafraid mistress of death, unafraid to decay and start anew.  

Like the determined seed, hold us as we push through.

About the Author

Pigeon serves as the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Coordinator for First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, Vice Chair of Carnegie Mellon University's CoRA, and has been a practicing Pagan for the past eight years. They are also on the leadership team of Spiritways CUUPS, a Unitarian Universalist Pagan Community, and are part of the University of Pittsburgh College Chaplains. Pigeon began formally studying religion at Mercyhurst University and is planning on continuing their education in religion on a professional, political, and personal level. They have been a reclaiming witch for two years and have been focusing their craft on ritual creation and social justice. Pigeon is passionate about collective magic making and bringing people from all skill levels together in the creation of ritual experience. It is their firm belief that everyone is capable of resistance through magic and action.

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