Be Here Now

“Run” a friend was told by Xango during a private possessive trance consultation. I heard about it because the friend could not stop talking about it. They examined it. They deconstructed it. They worried their intellect all over it, about the deeper meaning, about the connotations. What they did not do was RUN. They missed the pounding drumbeat of their heart and the boom of their stride. They were not reminded of the fundamental dance of one foot in front of the other and throwing their body forward with will and joy and fierceness more strong than a walk. They did not take sovereignty over their experience of the advice. They did not experience it at all. They thought. And I feel they lost.

Right now, I am words on a screen to you. You know not the cadence of my breath. The pitch and timbre of my voice is a mystery. You can guess my upbringing and many things about me from my syntax. But even if you know me, you can not know how I would say these words to you. Now. The next time. Any time.

Because we are so rich in words and ways to communicate, it can be easy to grow strong in living in our minds. We are passive in embodiment too often not because of a failing in our nature or our strength of will, or any other weakness or flaw, but because our intellects have been fed so deeply. As a child, teachers made me sit quietly to learn with my head for hours on end. But learning with my body engaged also took extra effort, extra teachers, or extra time.

Which is sad. But we should not let it stop us because being present and moving in the world is, with limitations and exceptions, something we can always do. I challenge you to add just one more sensual layer to your work.

For personal work and solitary workers consider things like this. If you have altars, do not just gaze on them. Clean them. Pick up the items on them and feel them or smell them anew. If you listen to hymns or chants, join them. In the privacy of your own space, hum along if that is all you can do. If you can do more, do more. Feel how, if it happens to you, singing along can put your mind in a totally different place by forcing breath-work. Dance. Spin. Seek out previously boring work to see if the interesting parts were the physical layers. Take full advantage of the power of your senses and reactions. Waft the incense towards your face. Let the buzz of the notes ringing in your bones trance you out. If you have prayers or mantras or galder, slow it down or change the volume. Let the strangeness of the change make your sayings new to you again.

For community members and those who work with others consider things like this. If you are going to be telling the story about Asgardians camping in the smaller cave while on a road trip, bring mittens to pass around. Do your altar work before a bembe, but also respectfully bring regalia and before the regalia is used maybe help fill the community water cooler or sweep the dance floor. Stack the chairs afterwards too. Make it part of your devotional time to not just align your heart and mind with your intentions but also do the easy part of manifesting – which is getting to physically affect the world directly. In how you participate, add a tactile or haptic layer. If people want to brainstorm what that could look like, ask me here and I will try to answer.

Remember you can do this for others. Thoughts, prayers, candles, remote rituals and all of those workings have their place. But it is also just as strong a working to go to your friend’s home and wash their dishes and do their laundry, if they let you, as it is to try to uncross what is keeping them from getting the will to do dishes and laundry. We have an amazing blessing in being able, if allowed, to do a deep 20 second hug that can literally change someone’s body chemistry. The fact that we can ingest things, that we can make food for each other, is amazing. Yes, send reiki. But also, if you can, show up with aromatic warm soup and the time to help them change their bed linens for them while they grab a shower. Move furniture with people who live alone, because a couch is easier and simpler to move with two or more people. We have bodies. We get to cheat. It is wonderful.

Just, whatever you can morally and ethically do, do it. Be here. Be here now. And do.


About the Author

Perlandria has flourished where she was planted, although her family is from many places most of them far away. Her deep roots start in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's fond of visiting many gardens, and learning about their cultural context. A favorite place to visit is a kind of cross denominational seed swap that happens every year in February where she has served the greater community for over 15 years. In her spiritual garden you'll find tracts devoted to Gerth, Oxun, Chango, and Freyr. Early influences were christian mystery cults, shinto, heathenry, buddhism, and hinduism. As an adult, Perlandria chose afro-american faiths for practice. As an atheist, this has caused some confusion about her regular day to day experiences and beliefs.

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