September, 2018

Mabinogian Devotional

Two books hold the Four Branches, The Red and the White. They tell the Welsh tales of wars and of heroes; Of love and of loss. Together we seek these tales, Honoring the ladies of story and myth, We call them forth! Rhiannon, the lady on the uncatchable horse, Who teaches us you have only to stop and ask, For what you seek will come to you. Branwen, the catalyst for war, From whom we learn of the depths of grief. And, perhaps, the mysteries of rebirth. Arianrhod, who tests our worth, Refusing subjugation, standing strong in her power, Spinning, […]

Moon Magick

Oh the moon. That beautiful silver disc in the starry sky, capturing our imaginations for eons. Poems, songs, stories, religions – all lauding the beauty, the mystery, and the magic. Now, obviously the moon is a giant rock floating in space – because science. It is commonly posited that the moon was formed from the leftover debris after Earth suffered a tremendous impact. It affects our tides, bringing us two high and two low every 24 hours. An interesting piece of science shows us that the moon’s interplays with the Earth are actually pushing it away from the Earth each […]