July, 2018

Compartmentalizing Politics

Man, has this been a fucked up couple of years in politics. I never thought I would see the day when I’m embarrassed to be an American. We still have much better lives than developing countries, sure, like clean water (except for Flint) and places to live (except the 0.5% of the US population that doesn’t). However, our political stage is a shitshow and we are the laughing-stock-quickly-turning-grim on the world stage of other First World countries. We are pulling out of agreements, treaties, councils, etc. left and right. Our President is a confirmed sexual abuser who mocks disabled people […]

MiT Practicum – Prison Ministry

I’ve been a Minister in Training with Circle Sanctuary for over a year now, and I’ve received my Practicum assignment! I am so excited to once again be going behind the wire to work as a volunteer chaplain in a prison. This is the work that really catches my soul on fire, knowing I can make a difference to folks who otherwise wouldn’t have anyone caring about them or their spirituality – damn that’s powerful stuff! Being able to facilitate that space for them, in a space that wouldn’t otherwise have it. Just wow.   This will be a different […]