May, 2017

Spiritual Biography

It used to crack me up when people claimed they’d been a Witch since childhood. Children grow up in the religion of their parents and it seemed fake & presumptuous to make a claim like that. After all, Wicca and Goddess Spirituality have only been a part of the modern, cultural fabric for roughly half a century – and there are only 2-3 generations that could have been born into them as of 2017. In considering writing my own spiritual biography, I assumed it would start in my teen years as I discovered Wicca/Paganism for myself. The deeper I thought […]

Invocation to Potens

I wrote this to honor the Woman of Power, called Potens, based on my work with Jailbreaking the Goddess (I highly recommend the book and you can find my review of it here.). If you’re looking to call in the power of potential & passion, I offer you my invocation.   I call to you, Potens You with the passion to change the world. Warrior Queen, strong and powerful Virgin Huntress, sovereign unto herself Wayfaring Wanderer, lusting for adventure Sacred Whore, empowering sexual expression Impassioned Activist, resolve at the ready Join me now, lend me your verve. Help me as […]