Samhain 2018

This past weekend I got to attend and participate in Circle Sanctuary’s 2018 Samhain festival. It was cold and muddy with an intermittent drizzle, but at least it wasn’t snowing! Many people tent camped, including us, but our friend has a large canvas tent with a cast-iron wood-burning stove in the middle that can get that thing to stifling hot. So… we were really #roughingit I was staff for the event so I took time for downtime and community, rather than running from work to workshops and back again. The workshops were awesome, though and I wish I could’ve attended […]


Human’ing – (verb) – being a functioning adult member of society [you know, or what the fuck ever] I think I do an OK job human’ing most of the time (feel free to disagree 😉). I can chameleon my way through my business casual work day, suburban BBQ’s, neurotypical friend groups, and I do that whole taxes thing every year. It’s not that I’m being fake to fit in, per se. I tone it down at work, though, because professionalism. I might avoid wearing anything controversial at the suburban BBQ because I don’t have the spoons to start ‘Murica fights […]

Mabinogian Devotional

Two books hold the Four Branches, The Red and the White. They tell the Welsh tales of wars and of heroes; Of love and of loss. Together we seek these tales, Honoring the ladies of story and myth, We call them forth! Rhiannon, the lady on the uncatchable horse, Who teaches us you have only to stop and ask, For what you seek will come to you. Branwen, the catalyst for war, From whom we learn of the depths of grief. And, perhaps, the mysteries of rebirth. Arianrhod, who tests our worth, Refusing subjugation, standing strong in her power, Spinning, […]

Moon Magick

Oh the moon. That beautiful silver disc in the starry sky, capturing our imaginations for eons. Poems, songs, stories, religions – all lauding the beauty, the mystery, and the magic. Now, obviously the moon is a giant rock floating in space – because science. It is commonly posited that the moon was formed from the leftover debris after Earth suffered a tremendous impact. It affects our tides, bringing us two high and two low every 24 hours. An interesting piece of science shows us that the moon’s interplays with the Earth are actually pushing it away from the Earth each […]

Book Review: Pagan Portals – Odin: Meeting the Norse Allfather

This is the first book I’ve read of the Moon Books Pagan Portals series, and I’m glad I picked Morgan Daimler’s work to start with! I went on a binge a couple months ago and bought a whole slew of books on Amazon. Several Pagan Portals and a few other fun ones that I’ll be reviewing as I move down my TBR pile. First, what are Pagan Portals books? These are short (sub 100 pages) intros to the title topic. I think of it as the top-10 highlight. If this was the only information you were ever going to have, […]

Waiting for what?

Are you a saver? You know, one who saves things. You save it for the right time. The best opportunity to utilize it. Saving for a special occasion. You aren’t a hoarder! Oh no. You fully expect to use the thing. One day. When you feel called. When it feels correct. You want to make sure you don’t waste it. Are you waiting? You wait for the best alignment of the stars and planets to do a ritual, or when 13 of your closest friends are available on a Saturday night. You wait until you have it perfectly written, using […]

Compartmentalizing Politics

Man, has this been a fucked up couple of years in politics. I never thought I would see the day when I’m embarrassed to be an American. We still have much better lives than developing countries, sure, like clean water (except for Flint) and places to live (except the 0.5% of the US population that doesn’t). However, our political stage is a shitshow and we are the laughing-stock-quickly-turning-grim on the world stage of other First World countries. We are pulling out of agreements, treaties, councils, etc. left and right. Our President is a confirmed sexual abuser who mocks disabled people […]

MiT Practicum – Prison Ministry

I’ve been a Minister in Training with Circle Sanctuary for over a year now, and I’ve received my Practicum assignment! I am so excited to once again be going behind the wire to work as a volunteer chaplain in a prison. This is the work that really catches my soul on fire, knowing I can make a difference to folks who otherwise wouldn’t have anyone caring about them or their spirituality – damn that’s powerful stuff! Being able to facilitate that space for them, in a space that wouldn’t otherwise have it. Just wow.   This will be a different […]

Soul Shine – PSG 2018

The theme of Pagan Spirit Gathering this year was Soul Shine. And man do I feel my soul shining! It’s a wonderful, intense, incredible experience… no one would argue. And yet… and yet I’m still so surprised at how deeply under my skin Tribe got this year. I miss it. I miss them. I miss PSG. I miss the heartbeat of your drums pulsing through my bones. I miss the swirl of skirts and scarves frolicking in the sun. I miss the authentic faces of tribe, unhidden by masks and business and ‘the real world’. I miss the hiss of […]

Solstice Night (a carol)

To the tune of “Silent Night”   Silent night, Solstice rite All is still, work our will Round our Yule log, here we join hands Candlelight burns so bright in the night Together we celebrate Yule Together we celebrate Yule Quiet night, Longest Night Renewal inside, awaiting the light Now Earth sleeps, cloaked in the snow Reflecting the year, it’s time to rejoice now Sun will always return Sun will always return   Wishing you joyful holidays, as we finish 2017. Love and Magick from me to you and yours <3Grace