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The Blaze: A Fire Memoir

It is November 2016. The election has taken place, and we are gathering around a fire. We are in my backyard. It is early November and the air is cold. The flames grow strong our portable fire pit, and there is barely enough room for our group to gather around it in our postage stamp of a yard. Still, we gather. At first, there is silence. Despair hangs in the hair, as heavy and potent as the smoke scented with the incense and flower petals we sacrifice to the heat. Heat roils and curls off of the first embers as […]

All the Green and Growing Things: Casting a Spell upon Myself

The first three months of 2017 have been full of change, disruption and flux for me. Like the seasonal shift from winter to spring, I have been working through the fits and starts of the new exchanging with the old, of life dancing with death. I have been sitting listlessly at home, waiting for the weather to shift, waiting for a physical shift in my environment and hopefully, a shift in my headspace. But which comes first, a shift in my head or a shift in my hands? A long time ago, when I was whining about a difficult situation, […]

The Gift Must Move

Potential Energy By Amoret BriarRose The seeds (sealed in a pocket squashed in a small pot with spongy, thirsty dirt and simple instructions for planting, a gesture, an idea of green) surprise themselves and sprout. Spring has come to Pittsburgh, and I think it is finally here to stay.  In my region, Spring and Winter often do a strange dance at this time of year, with neither really being comfortable leading. Since February, we have been having a few abnormally warm days followed by a solid block of frigid winter, which is then followed by warming, then more winter. It’s […]