All the Green and Growing Things: Casting a Spell upon Myself

One Blossom by Amoret BriarRose

The first three months of 2017 have been full of change, disruption and flux for me. Like the seasonal shift from winter to spring, I have been working through the fits and starts of the new exchanging with the old, of life dancing with death. I have been sitting listlessly at home, waiting for the weather to shift, waiting for a physical shift in my environment and hopefully, a shift in my headspace.

But which comes first, a shift in my head or a shift in my hands?

A long time ago, when I was whining about a difficult situation, I had a pagan friend say, “You’re a Witch, so act like one.” This was some of the best and most pithy advice I’ve ever been given, and luckily it returns to me when I need it most.

My magic is deeply rooted in a balance between intention and action – I know that the spells I cast are made with heart and hands, prayers and deeds. As I believe that manifestation requires the re-enchantment of the mundane, I have begun working magic on my mundane little life. Right now, that means working with the earth – it is my simplest and most reliable spell.

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Hyacinth by Amoret

Recently, my friends have helped me fill my home with hyacinths, as their scent reminds me to hope. Yesterday, I planted lavender, rosemary, and sage, filling my yard with protection, purification, love and peace. I have also started stinging nettle and beet seeds in an old egg carton that is right now sunning itself on my front porch. The mugwort plant my covener gave me last summer survived the winter and is looking rather robust for early spring.

In planting green and growing things, I am tending myself. I cannot feel the joy and impulse now, but in future months I will surely want to be working on herbal remedies, infusing oils, making tinctures and ointments. I conjure myself into the future in this way – preparing the ground now so I can unfurl and blossom later, under the summer sunshine.

Do you cast spells upon yourself? How do you shift your future with your actions today? What can you do today to ensure the happiness of your future self?


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Völva. Priestess. Soothsayer. I am a poet, witch, and synergist. I am an initiate in both Reclaiming and Anderson Feri traditions and have been working magic for 17 years. I seek the sacred in words and woods, in song and silence, and in the intimate magics of the everyday. I endeavor to look life in the eye and believe that surrender holds a key to grace. I am called to divination, gathering messages from tarot cards and runes, from the sounds of tree roots stretching and the drumming of heartbeats. I am called to community, knowing that many hands make light and interesting work. I come alive when our voices come together, calling to the Mysteries. Find out more about me at

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  1. This blog is so hopeful, it speaks deeply to the place where I am right now as well. I am so glad Monster Mugwort came back. If it is like its mother, it will grow *large* <3 I just planted some Tulsi (Holy Basil) seeds. If I can manage to get them to sprout, would you like a seedling?

    1. I try to spin myself into the future – who will I want to be 6 months from now? What do I need right now to grow into that future person?

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